Multi Family Management

Set Rent

We will help you set a competitive rate for your property. Underpricing will leave money on the table. Overpricing can leave your property vacant and uncompetitive. We will provide a professional market analysis to ensure your property is competitively priced.

Marketing Your Property

Vacancies are one of the biggest issues to face with investment properties. At TRM we will work diligently to market your property. Your property will have an online marketing presence through an MLS Listing & relevant syndicated websites that tenants use to search for properties. We will also use social media & yard signage. Our marketing process will be customized to meet each client’s needs.

Show & Lease Available Units

At Triad Rental Management, we will only allow tenants to view the property with an employee or licensed broker. Each prospective tenant will be provided with a guided tour of the property. For certain properties, we may even do an open house!

Tenant screening

We will conduct background checks, credit reports, income verification, & previous rental reference checks

These are all to ensure that the tenant is reliable & trustworthy

Collect & deposit rents.

We will collect rents in a timely manner & deposit into the owner’s account.

Maintain the property.

Property maintenance can be one of your biggest expenses. At Triad Rental Management, we will conduct property checkups and coordinate preventative maintenance. Tenants will be required to report any maintenance issues immediately. Triad Rental Management will coordinate with reliable & cost effective vendors to ensure your property is cared for.

Provide online financial statements.

We will provide monthly financial statements for each individual property or unit. You will also have access through your owner portal to view these reports and relevant documents, anytime you would like!

We will provide a complete year-end financial report & 1099 for tax reporting.

Pricing for residential properties starting at:

  • 1-5 doors = 10%
  • 6-10 doors = 9%
  • 11+ doors = 8%
  • New tenants = flat fee of $500
  • Renewals = flat fee of $250