Tenant Procurement

Set Rent

We will help you set a competitive rate for your property. Underpricing will leave money on the table. Overpricing can leave your property vacant and uncompetitive. We will provide a professional market analysis to ensure your property is competitively priced.

Show & Lease Available Units

At Triad Rental Management, we will only allow tenants to view the property with an employee or licensed broker. Each prospective tenant will be provided with a guided tour of the property. For certain properties, we may even do an open house!

Tenant Screening

We will conduct background checks, credit reports, income verification, & previous rental reference checks

These are all to ensure that the tenant is reliable & trustworthy

Execute Lease Agreement

Perform an initial walk through and turn the property over to the owner.

One-time fee starting at $1,000 with approved applicant and signed lease and disclosures.*